Live: President Donald Trump Holds Roundtable With African American Leaders | NBC News

Watch as President Trump holds a roundtable listening session with African American leaders during his visit to Michigan.
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Live: President Donald Trump Holds Roundtable With African American Leaders | NBC News


45 thoughts on “Live: President Donald Trump Holds Roundtable With African American Leaders | NBC News”
  1. Is Trump a racist?

    Democrats have been promising – forever.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Is Trump a racist?

    Look at how Trump has been working to create an environment for success for African Americans (and all of America):

    Do your own research.
    Fact check (with legit fact-check websites).
    Be a truth seeker.
    Be a truth speaker.

    It is what it is.


  2. For 4 years he has ignored the black community. He has mentioned that democrats and Obama did nothing. Obama only had 2 years with control of both houses out of 8 years. He turned the economy around ,ended 2 wars saved the banking industry and auto industry. He did all of this while mitch long nose McConnell blocked everything he did. Can anyone imagine what he could have done without the sabotage mind of McConnell. Obama last 3 years of GDP growth was 4 percent. Trump has never been higher than 3 percent. He inherit Obama's economy. He will fool some of the educated blacks into thinking they are special. He is only fooling them. Hitler had a similar amount of Jewish support when he first started. Trump talks to a white supremist on a regular basis. Blacks and all non-whites will see his true colors if reelected.

  3. Did you know that Trump gave loans to black entrepreneurs to start businesses in the 80s and 90s? Did you know that he dates a black girl? Did you know that he funded the presidential campaigns of Jesse Jackson. Trump has appointed more black cabinet members and leaders in this country than every other president in history. He signed prison reform to get black families back together. He's done alot for the blacks.

  4. Totally sad….These round table guests are puckering up very well to the self proclaimed “least racist” person who robbed people at his Trump University yet continue to claim that there will be dishonesty for mail -in ballots because he is the king of dishonesty and disingenuous😞

  5. i was almost impressed by how well he was behaving until he just had to go off on a delusional rant about voting …of course, he completely refuses to acknowledge the voting issues in Georgia

  6. After reading these comments I am curious why does everyone here think Trump does not consider Black Americans as Americans? I am from Iceland so I don't know American politics well but no one seemed to have a problem with him before he ran for president.

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