Boris Johnson hospitalized with persistent coronavirus symptoms

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in a hospital for tests Monday morning because he has had persistent coronavirus symptoms for more than a week. Johnson has faced harsh criticism for acting too slowly against the virus. Charlie D’Agata reports that just one month ago, he was not concerned about close contact with coronavirus patients.


50 thoughts on “Boris Johnson hospitalized with persistent coronavirus symptoms”
  1. Despite all politics and personal opinions, candles on windows and everyone is getting sick is just a harsh reminder time isn't kind to anyone and nature won't wait for us to change. One planet, one giant neighborhood.

  2. Politicians and media celebrities have the largest percentage of infected among all other groups. Time to QUARANTINE the whole lot. Let those that are not proven sociopaths run the world for a change.

  3. Boris, you realize there are a variety of coronaviruses?? It rquires blood work sent to specialized lab and personnel, to use 1.4 Software and flourescent marking equiptment to identify if covid -19 is present or it is just one of the other coronaviruses. I reviewed the instruction data last night concerning covid-19 testing. And these "curbside drive thru" fall far short. Be safe dont worry, you probably like millions of others just have one of the other in-FLU-enza's

  4. The news is deleted and changed and history rewritten and TV channels blatenly lie and denied. REMEMBER what is happening cos the history books will be rewritten in contradiction to what we are living and breathing ☹️ that don't mean lie to counteract the pendulum, just be honest

  5. Bio diversity proves nature is good because  everything is dependent on everything else if this were not the case then one species would dominate the rest of the world waiiiiitt a second 

    This is a message from god(life) sin is civilization god is nature(life) sin is civilization we are in Armageddon the United States is the new Roman empire this is what Jesus warned about 

    I'm not crazy really explore your thoughts 

    I turned Cristian today. 

    Jeses was an environmentalist and a symbiotocist

    Please I beg you watch this documentary about the Hopi profecy


  6. He looks like he is under the weather all the time. How would you tell if he is sick, maybe that is why he needs tests. He looks like Churchill with longer hair. And also the Queen and the Pope like to hold on to the people's money for safekeeping,that is so christian of them.

  7. Let’s hope he recovers and finally gets the plot of just how serious this virus is. Fact check: of the cases In the U.K. which have had an outcome; 4,934 have died and only 135 have recovered. That’s an alarming death ratio of 96%!! The highest mortality ratio in the world. STAY INDOORS.

  8. That’s code for he’s not doing well. Fever can’t be dealt with any better than it could being cared for at home. Which he was. Fever is a consistent symptom of the Covid19 which he was already known to have had. Nothing to see here.

  9. Cue, Sex Pistols God Save the Queen. The fascist regime. Charles didn't have coronavirus. He lied to get sympathy and to use it to continue the ongoing cover up of Andy the dirtbag

  10. he's there as a precaution not because he physically needs to be there there are people that are dying waiting to get into hospitals there so overcrowded and this guy is taking up resources every time they go around him they have to have PPE on their wasting precious equipment and supplies on him.I think they're doing it because he's a prime minister what makes his life more valuable than the next citizen this is absolutely ridiculous unless he absolutely one-hundred-percent needs to be there he needs to be at home. People are standing outside for hours and hours dropping dead one friend works at a hospital in New York City and she said somebody died outside because they couldn't get into the hospital. This guy I hate to say it but he's acting like he's entitled.if he really needs to be there because he's that sick then fine but they're saying it's for precautionary reasons.this is ridiculous just because you're a prime minister you get to go there while other people have to suffer unbelievable

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