The Price of Heroin

This is what great VJ work can look like. This is not like any other story you will see on the nightly news. It’s intimate, its powerful, and it’s shot and told perfectly. The VJ model allows you to get close to your subject and tell their story in a deep manner. This is the kind of video that resonates with people.

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38 thoughts on “The Price of Heroin”
  1. It's always a boyfriend, girlfriend, uncle, aunty. You're young, naive, you always think it'll be some stranger at a party offering you the dope. But it never is, it's always those who you think you can trust and that have your back. You trust them, so you do it, just to be polite. Just a little baby dose, you feel great and already it's too late.
    You may wonder why these substances are outlawed. It's not so bad, and you're hardly using any of it. Life carries on, yet someday you realise it's almost routine. You try to put it down and realise you have a problem. You find that you're so let down in yourself, so you keep going with it, like it's too late for you. Your body has developed a tolerance to it, it's become normal. To put it down is like diving into the abyss with no one to break your fall.

    There's no shame in saying no. You may feel bad at the time for missing out, but for your self respect you'll feel much better later on.

  2. My son went to rehab multiple times, everyone thought he was a hopeless case. I started losing hope but we found a beautiful rehabilitation center that worked for him…give them a call at 855 nine two five four two three four if you have any family members with addictions they WILL help you

  3. Sad because the poison is in her blood and she can't get herself free of it . I lost a lady friend like her who couldn't escape it . She was off it for 7 months (in jail) but 3 weeks out , in better shape , she died . She had to take that stuff again . Sad

  4. My dad used to tell me duct tape fixes everything

    Yaa id take a kidnapping charge even if it meant turning into murder to help her not like she outweighs me if it were my daughter I shit you not I would

  5. My nephew just passed away in Friday from heroin…he was sad 4 yrs ago he had a full ride to USC for academics….now I have to bury not just my nephew he was my best friend as well…

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