Artificial intelligence is used widely now a days in health care industry in most of the corporate hospitals all over the world

The future of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial intelligence in health care industry is going to change the future of the world forever. According to Forbes, in this year alone the worldwide revenue of the global market of artificial intelligence will reach $12 billion. In order to capitalize on this growing market, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to use AI and machine learning. In healthcare industry, Artificial intelligence is used widely now a days in many corporate hospitals all over the world. The AI has many applications in medicine and has revolutionized the way medicine is being practiced all over the world.

AI in diagnostics

AI is one of the most valuable tools in the health care industry. It can diagnose and is used frequently in diagnostics today to make the decision. It has the ability to analyse mass amounts of data with a single click of the mouse. It can read an X-Ray from thousands of angles and find anomalies in heart surgery patients as accurately as a trained surgeon. AI is being used extensively to classify images and to help doctors at helping them make the right decisions. Artificial intelligence in drug discovery The current pharmaceuticals industry is facing a shortage of drug discovery professionals. The industry needs to up-skill and empower many young people with strong analytical abilities and creativity to deal with the massive amount of data and information that’s being generated.

AI in treatment

Artificial intelligence as a technology aids physicians and the doctors to make patient treatment more efficient. This system aids the physician to schedule your treatments for you in a manner which you want, most importantly in a time convenient for you. The technology and software for diagnostic help the doctors to detect the life threatening conditions that may otherwise go unnoticed. A sample case which can be used to present an example of this technology in the medical field is that of CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) . The system is very effective in assisting the physicians to decode a tumor at an early stage and get it removed from the body before it spreads out any further and attacks the body tissues.

AI in organization

According to the experts, artificial intelligence in healthcare will be beneficial in the following ways: 1-Reduction in pain Experts suggest that depression and pain can be treated with Artificial intelligence as it has ability to analyze patients history, past records and use this information to predict the likely course of treatment and outcomes. 2-Enhanced patient-provider interaction AI can help patients with advice and information as well as their caregiving team in case they get overwhelmed by their illness. 3-Better health information retrieval According to experts, artificial intelligence technology will help in better search and retrieval of health information.

AI in medication

AI in personalized medicine AI in home care AI in geriatrics AI in diagnosis AI in patient-doctor communication AI in nursing A recent research study by Healthcare IT News forecasted that the global artificial intelligence (AI) health care market will reach $11.4 billion by 2020. In this study, technology adoption, ROI and projected growth rates for all applications were discussed. Figure 1 Emerging applications such as health care will see increased use of AI technology including: AI in health care is a big part of what makes today’s smart phones and electronic devices work. And of course the application of the AI tech is expected to have a big impact on healthcare soon. What is AI in health care exactly and what does it actually do? Read on to find out.

AI in lifestyle

With help of artificial intelligence in health care industry, we can use many measures to ensure healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. It is not easy to make an undertaking of your health if you are not using the right devices and knowledge to make good health choices. But with the help of Artificial Intelligence, it’s possible now a days, now more than ever. This tool can help a person stay healthy, improve and maintain health of a person. This tool can also measure the health issues of a person and help him/her to take proper actions to get back to a healthy state. Here are the benefits of using Artificial intelligence in healthcare industry: 1. Healthcare results using Artificial intelligence. 2. Coaching or help with health related problem solving 3.

Majority of the the biggest companies are making some kind of investments in this sphere. Biggest of them are Google, Amazon, IBM, Apple and Microsoft, on the other hand smaller companies are making lots of advancements also.

There is a wide range of applications to AI and health care is one of them.

In health care industry the human beings are involved in several tasks, to get the information and the needed person is the most important part of that process.

How to deal with increasing number of patients is another big factor in the development of AI in health care industry. How to keep them and treat them for chronic conditions and things like that, is a huge field for development of artificial intelligence.

AI solutions in health care are either autonomous or semi-autonomous.


Artificial intelligence and deep learning are going to revolutionize the way of health care industry. Artificial intelligence is an intelligent system which processes large amounts of data and then learns from that data to provide solutions. The key ingredient here is data, we should be fed with information and information is provided when we give data. It’s high time that we start taking decisions in our health care industry based on the collected data and less on the current ones.


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