Create Stunning Videos For Your Business In Minutes. Vidnami Automatically Transcribes Your Articles And Effortlessly Creates videos for you.

Vidnami is a cloud video creation software that gives you the ability to produce professional-style videos that you can share in just minutes. It allows you to create stunning videos for your business, as well as a variety of other video content for social media. 

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Add clips, images, background music and in less than 10 minutes you have a professional presentation video ready to share with your audience. Vidnami will combine all of this and put it all together into a stunning video that looks like it’s done in no time. 

All you need to do is select, select and customize a promotional video material template, add images, music and other material from your library and add, save and share your video and download it for later use. You can then edit the slides and even add music via the AI – a computer-generated voice. Select a storyboard template and then simply click the Transcribe button and Vidnami will automatically create your script for you. Just insert the script you wrote and click the Create video button, upload the video and it will be analyzed and personalized. Add your voice track and you have the option to add a watermark, add an image, create and produce a video, or add and personalize it.

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Once you have created your video, you will need something to host the video that is embedded on your website. Promo video makers will do a great job of making promotional videos for websites, blogs and social media. Vidnami offers a variety of animated elements that you can use by selecting one of the many templates. Use this online branding tool to design your logo and create a landing page for your website, website, blog, social networking site or even your mobile app. 

With Vidnami you can easily select a color, add your logo, insert your own clips, images and music to make your video unique, select your color and simply add a logo. With Vidnami you can easily choose a color, add your logos and insert your own clip, image or music, making your videos unique.

You will find a wealth of video templates in different industries and you can even convert articles seamlessly into videos. To make things even easier, Vidnami also offers dozens of videos to help you create stunning content. Whether you want to create a video about a product, a marketing campaign, an event or even a blog post, you will surely find templates that suit your needs. 

If you’re not convinced, just do the free 2-week trial and see how easy it is to create beautiful and stunning videos. So next time you’re looking for an effortless and exciting video creation tool, try Vidnami.

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When you add a script you’ve already created, Vidnami’s artificial intelligence matches the content with the thousands of images and clips in its database. It analyzes the script and intelligently suggests the best images, clips and other content you can use in your next video. And it offers a wide range of free Creative Commons images that can be used in a variety of formats including video, audio, music, video clips and more.

You can select images and clips from the program – in a library to spice up your promotional videos, or you can upload your own videos. You can also customize the text of the video, select colors that match your company logo, choose from a collection of live action or animated footage, and much more. To make your videos more personalized, Vidnami also allows you to upload your own video and edit it to your liking.

Every element of the video editor is very customizable, and you can make it your own. Slides, music, text and voice – the overs are put together effortlessly and watch your video come to life in minutes. 

You can see how long it takes to create a video, and even if you have no experience in video editing, creating videos can be highly profitable. To make your work easier, we have compiled a list of the best video editing tools available on the market to help you compile your video in the shortest time possible. 

The free plan allows you to create unlimited video projects and gives you access to basic editing tools and export your videos in 480p resolution with watermark.

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