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Varilrix: IAP recommends 2 doses of Varicella vaccines in second year of life for optimal chickenpox protection.1The second vaccination of Varilrix should be administered 3-6 months after the first.*1 This short vaccination schedule ensures Varilrix:
Provides high immunity at a younger ageSecond dose should be given as close to the first as possible to cover:3primary vaccination failure (up to 24% of children fail to seroconvert after the first dose)those who did not mount an adequate response for protection despite an initial antibody response
Reduces the risk of breakthrough diseaseAfter the second dose, mean antibody concentrations increase by 10 times, suggesting an incomplete immune response after the first dose.3
Provides long-term protectionLong-term follow-up of a clinical trial showed that 2 doses given in a short interval provide long-term protection against moderate or severe varicella.3,4
Varilrix offers the reassurance of early protection with 2 doses in second year of life that’s long-lasting3,4
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