The Best Advanced Bodybuilding Program That Actually Works

WHAT IF YOU COULD SKIP YEARS OF DANGEROUS BODYBUILDING AND “SUPPLEMENT” EXPERIMENTATION WITHOUT WAISTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON OUTDATED ADVICE This is not your typical workout plan! Your typical internet workout guide will show you how to do build bigger muscle cells(hypertrophy). But this is not enough for us. We are showing you how to “duplicate” your existing muscle cells to get permanent gains.

Why your typical workout might not be enough

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The standard bodybuilding dogma is that you must exercise to lose fat, in order to gain muscle, and we don’t deny that this works. But what the standard approach doesn’t take into account is that it is very likely that your existing muscle cells may already be ripped to shreds by genetics. The main cause of that is that most people who want to gain mass will do their workout program in a certain way that focuses mainly on gaining muscle, while also loosing fat. The standard technique, for every group of trainees, is to perform sets and reps, which is primarily a strategy for gaining strength.

How does “duplicating” your existing muscle cells work?

Repeat: Using our program, you will get huge AND bigger by making small muscle cell volume increases(hypertrophy). It will not just help you to get bigger, but it will ALSO help you to stay big for life! That’s right. You get to keep your massive mass for life! And this is made possible by how our program builds muscle. The program does not make the necessary muscle cells grow; it merely repeats them! No muscle building material is ever needed, and this means that you can do this over and over and over and over again. The Other Ways to Grow Muscle Our program takes only about an hour a day and, if you did it every day, you would not have to exercise for the rest of your life. After a month or two of following the program, you will see a 6–8lb increase in muscle size.

How to do it

Once you make it clear that you are NOT looking for someone who is “average” and “average” in the gym. There is no ordinary way of achieving great bodybuilding. Yes, your body fat has to come down first, then a few weeks or months of dieting will get you down to your desired bodyweight. There are many online resources that talk about the other aspects of bodybuilding: Extras Practical guidance How to make gains How to recover Why you need to eat properly But we are not going to teach you how to do this. You need to be a man who has already achieved amazing results in the gym. There are a few steps you need to do for yourself. 1. Understand the Big Picture Men are typically attracted to quick results.

The Best Advanced Bodybuilding Program That Actually Works

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BODYBUILDING HIGH-FIRE LEG WORKOUT Considered by many to be the “holy grail” of bodybuilding, it was the highest volume bodybuilding routine that I ever ran through. This routine is often recommended by bodybuilding experts and recognized by The American Council on Exercise (ACE). This routine became the cornerstone of my nutrition program and was used by me to add 15lbs of muscle in about six months. This routine has always gotten the best results for me. What is The High-Flier Leg Workout All About? The Best Advanced Bodybuilding Program That Actually Works HOW TO REALLY GET LIFTED IN LESS TIME From a pure muscle building standpoint, I suggest looking at performance based training programs.


If you are wondering how I survived 3 years of bodybuilding “education” and all the “secret” research on building muscle while also maintaining my diabetes, joint pain and hormonal imbalance that I am suffering from now…I can only tell you that THIS is the program that I followed and it worked. It works for other people, I’ve watched guys who started it, and just 2-3 months in, they lost 50lbs each and they are proud of their results. This is not a calorie program. It is a time-efficient muscle building system that is not only sustainable, but it works…and for the thousands of people I’ve spoken to over the last 8 months, it works better than anything out there. I’m sure you’ll notice my passion for this stuff and how much I enjoy speaking to all of you about this stuff.

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